Chiappa Rhino 200DS Revolver & Sheepdog Knives Custom Prototype

Who doesn’t like unique firearms and knives? If you do, this is the website for you. First thing you’ll notice about this setup, probably, will be the location of the 2″ barrel on this .357 Magnum revolver. This allows for it to have zero lift when firing, and a small push back into your palm. You can stay on target so much easier, and feel much more confident when firing this powerful cartridge. It is an extremely fun revolver to shoot, and plenty small enough to conceal carry. If you are looking for something to simply have fun at the range with, they make several other sizes and calibers. Check them out HERE

The SheepDogKnives custom folder, is the knife he custom made to model a production run after, which will be released shortly I assume. This one has a hand rubbed satin finish, and amazing milled titanium scales. Fits incredibly in the hand, and is extremely hard to not carry with you every second of every day. Tell me what you think of the pair!



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